​​​Create Your Own Product for Selling Introduction

This blog was created to concentrate all ideas, tips, videos and articles for people who want and can create a new business and want to get some simple and useful information about it.
Most of new products must be created by yourself some can be produced by others using your design.
Some new products can be created even by using other's design. 
They offer some designs on web for free for many reasons. One of them is for web traffic, others are for website ads and some are for sale.
For example we had created a couple of plans and videos about new products and published them for free to get more traffic to our website.
One sunny day I decided to create a new product and started to look for help, to find an idea, I decided to check this subject on web and try to collect what other offers about it.
I spent many hours and got very poor information from websites like Youtube and others. I took me a while till I gathered all useful pages, pictures and articles for the beginning and took me even more to improve and check it on practice. The result of my research was simple: "Successful business starts with new a product, application, software or completely new technology. So the first step was to find and create a system for new product creation. To get an idea why my system should be different it was described as complete procedure for new product, that should be consist of idea and correct logical steps that will lead me to my new product and business. So the result of this research you can read here.
The first part is "New Product Idea Creation". It is a system to create a product in accordance with existing products available already on market and a system that checks if it profitable before serious finances involved.
The  second part is "Correct Creative Design". Parts of activities in this chapter were described already by others in many books of creative thinking and other systems but always without any connection to the existing market.
I decided to complete these wise systems by connection to a real business conditions and market.
The part No 3 is about Marketing and Business. This chapter concentrates many useful and existing procedures to magnify new business profits.

New Product Idea Creation

The first step in this plan is a creation of something new: new product, new technology, new application etc.
The creation process starts with the preliminary or initial stage that includes the simple sketch design. It is a hard to get an answer if it will be profitable. This stage is very important and usually not explained by any advisers. 
To ensure your future profits from your product this stage should be completed before any creativity and design start.
In this blog I will explain the way of creation of a new product and will introduce other's techniques too.

What I need to do before a design
This procedure is consists of simple questions that you should answer and write a results. Some of them you will use in the next stages.
The complete list of your answers will lead to your new business creation.

Step No. 1 Ask yourself
Action: Ask yourself if you know what type of product you want to create?
Possible answers: art product, product for kitchen, product for gardening,  furniture, metal product, wooden product, glass product, plastic product, digital product, decoration product, computer accessories, smart-phone application, electric product, electronic product...
Please pay attention that your answer should be particular. In a case you don't have any answers you have to choose the most interesting field for you.
Usually your answer will supply
1. The material of your future product (metal, digital, wooden, plastic...)
2. The type of product (art, kitchen, housewares, decoration, computer...)

Step No.2 Your Skills
Action: Ask yourself if you have any skills to create this type of products
1. Have I all skills for it?
2. I have no skills but can I hire someone for it?
3. Can I learn these skills on web?
4. Can I take a course to learn these skills?
5. Can I write a production or assembly file for this product?
6. I have no skills, I can't learn it or I have no budget to hire others - In this case you need to return to step one and think about other product.

Step No. 3 Market Research
Action: Spend some time for market research and make a list and a file of similar products and market prices.
You can simply enter some large internet malls like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon and search these websites. Please prepare a file of similar products including prices, shipping fees or other expenses that customers should pay in accordance to get these products. Please try to check if these products were sold in the past. This information can be received simply by using an advanced search options or selling history in each one.
The result of this research should be an estimated future price of your product. You new product should be valued lower or maximum equal to the existing on market. This estimated value is a basis of your future success.

Step No. 4 Can you acquire the supplies and produce all parts?
If these similar products are include other parts or fasteners you need to check about these ingredients too.
Action: Make a list of possible suppliers and producers for these ingredients and check all prices and minimum quantity order (MOQ) and shipping fees for each part.
This list will help you to decide if it is worthy for you to create this type product. 

Step No. 5 Initial Sketch of Your Product
In this stage you need create a simple sketch of your product or a simple scheme (algoritm) of a digital product.
Sketch your product on a piece of paper. Make it generally to get a simple and initial idea about all components, materials and technologies.
Use the pictures in the file that you found during your market research.

Step No. 6 Create an initial list of materials, parts and production activities
1. Make a list of materials, parts and production activities for your future product.
2. Estimate the packing and shipping values.
3. Calculate the total production value (Estimated Production Value) per one product.
4. Check your estimated price during your market research from step 3.
5. Your total estimated production value shall be from 40% till 60% from the estimated price during your market research from step 3.

Step No. 7 Cover all bases
Check that you passed all steps and finally decide to spend your time and money for your product.
If you passed all steps, have all skills, made a market research and estimated the future cost and profit you are ready for design.

Design and Creation

Step No. 1 Start you design
This step needs all your imagination, creativity and design skills
You already know and decided what to create and know that it can be sold.
There are some techniques that help for design too.
I found very helpful some:
SIT (systematic inventive thinking)
ASIT (advanced systematic inventive thinking)
USIT (unified structured inventive thinking)
JUSIT (Japanese version of unified systematic inventive thinking)
TRIZ or TRIZIC (A methodology for the systematic application of TRIZ)

Step No.2  list of material, parts and production activities
1. Make the final list of materials, parts and production activities for your future product.
2. Estimate the packing and shipping values.
3. Calculate the total price per one product.
4. Check your estimation price and your market research from step 3.
5. To ensure the successful business, your total price shall be 50% less than the lowest price in your market research list

Step No. 3 Assembly Work Instructions
 Action: Write the prototype product file.
You can see the example of such file on web.

Step No. 4 Acquisition and production
1. Purchase all materials you need for a prototype
2. Purchase all fasteners for a prototype
3. Order or make by yourself all parts.
4. Picture all parts and materials before assembly
5. Enjoy your work.

Step No.5 Prototype Assembly
1. Create or assemble your prototype.
2. Check, adjust and repair if needed.
3. Picture all stages for future documents
4. Show your prototype to others and get feedback.
5. Check the final cost, weight, package for shipping and shipping fee.
6. Picture it many times for marketing needs.
7. Try to use it by yourself.

Marketing and Business

Step No. 1 Marketing Strategy
Take some time to think what type of marketing you need.
I suggest to involve the internet in your strategy.
You can always start selling on Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, eBay or other web malls very fast.
You can always create your own website and market your products this way.
Don't forget all conventional marketing ways like market distributors. You will surprise to see how hard they are looking for new creative and original products. 

Step No. 2 Organize your business 
1. Organize your business activity in accordance with your needs.
2. Organize the serial production and materials acquisition.
3. Organize the packaging and shipping
4. Provide a customers support.
5. Or simply sell your product to someone bigger (business) than you. 

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